What is Root Canal Treatment?

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The pulp chamber is connected to the roots of the tooth through very narrow channels called root canals. A root canal starts from the pulp chamber and runs through the entire root of the tooth. These root canals are filled with blood vessels and nerves.

Root canal treatment comes necessary in the following cases:

  1.  Infection in the root canals and pulp chamber
  2. Tooth injury causing such damage
  3. Tooth abscess with inflammation of the surrounding gums, where the root canals need to be cleaned, decontaminated and filled with special material.

Failure of the root canal treatment may happen due to:

  1. Missed canals that cannot be diagnosed or accessed
  2. Curved and horizontal root canals that are difficult to be filled
  3. Spread of infection and tooth abscess
  4. Root canal perforation either traumatic or pathological
  5. Cracks in the teeth which leads to infecting the tooth again
  6. Breakage of the tools inside the root canal.
  7. Infection of the tooth after treatment.
  8. Post-operative pain and swelling which may need surgical treatment or extraction (lost tooth could be replaced with dental implants or cosmetic bridge).