Teeth Whitening

Home whitening

teeth whiteningThe home tooth whitening technique requires the use of mouth trays that are specifically made for your use only as the dentist will make a mould of your teeth this will ensure when used correctly that the home kit is safe to use. The trays can be filled with the whitening product and are usually worn for a period of 2-6 hours dependent on the concentration of the gel that the dentist advises.

This is to be done for a period of 7-10 days to achieve the best results. If you feel the desired result is achieved before this period you can stop use before.

Office Whitening

Home whitening can be successful but office whitening is more controlled as it is performed by the dentist and therefore usually preferred. The treatment will take about an hour on average and be monitored for this time by the dentist to ensure the best result is achieved.