Sedation in Dental Practice

By on February 21, 2014. Posted in .

Modern dentistry is another name for pain free dentistry. Although most dentists try their best to achieve that goal, young children and some adults still find their visit to the dentist stressful due to what is called Dental Phobia. Those patients need to be treated under sedation.

There are many types of sedation used in dentistry:

  1. Oral sedation: Diazepam tablet prescribed by the dentist help reduce anxiety, a tablet taken about an hour or two, or the night before your appointment.
  2. Inhalation sedation: Known as nitrous oxide or Happy Gas which helps reduce anxiety.
  3. Intravenous sedation: A medicine will be injected through a cannula into a vein on the back of your hand. The medicine will not let the patient remember anything that occurred during the treatment afterwards.
  4. General Anaesthesia: For severe dental phobia, young children and people with special needs may need general anaesthesia to have dental treatment. The patient will be asleep during the treatment.
  5. Hypnotherapy: The patient will stay awake and will be in total control; there is little scientific evidence to show that it can reduce anxiety.