Gum Disease

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Gum disease starts out as mild gingivitis and progresses to different levels of periodontitis or periodontal disease. While all stages are part of the same disease condition, knowing how to identify gum disease developing in your mouth can allow you to be proactive about the treatment earlier on.

The beginning stage of gum disease manifests itself as bleeding gum during flossing, and may have swollen or red gums just near the borders. It can easily be reversed within about two weeks.

Early Periodontitis will include bleeding gum and bone loss with gum recession in some areas.   There may be signs of tooth mobility in a more advanced stage.

When teeth become mobile, show severe signs of recession or teeth may even fall out, specialized professional care is needed at this stage to delay tooth loss.

Treatment might include Deep Cleaning, Gum Surgery, Local Antibiotic Therapy and gum and bone grafting.