Facial Line Removal

Botox, Azzalure and other Botulinum products

Line or wrinkles on the face are caused by changes in the skin through age or sun exposure and for many other reasons. This happens around areas where the muscles are overactive and used more. A good example can be around the mouth. Facial line removal injections can help this area appear softer and smoother giving you a much younger and youthful appearance.

facialThe treatment of facial line removal takes around 20-30 minutes and the material is applied just under the skins surface by the use of injections this is done with a very fine needle and although may sting slightly is relatively pain free although each person can be different.

Exercise should be avoided for at least the next 6 hours after treatment and you should refrain from touching the area for 24 hours. A review with your practitioner who performed the treatment should take place a week after treatment for them to assess the results.

Your practitioner will explain the effects you are able to gain from this treatment and the time of which you can expect it to last.