Dental Implants Review

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Implant Advantages
  1.  Implant look and function in the same way as natural tooth
  2.  No other teeth will be involved.
  3.  The implant maintains the jaw bone and stimulates the bone renewal.
  4.  Can be used to support full denture for edentulous patients
  5.  Need low maintenance
Dental implants are suitable for almost anyone who has lost one or more teeth and would like to restore their appearance or chewing ability; however, as it is important that there is good quality and quantity of bone and healthy gum, oral hygiene should be of high standard before treatment is starting, regular follow-up appointments with your dentist to avoid any complications at an early stage.
 Implants are not suitable for
  1.  Patients with chronic gum disease
  2.  Uncontrolled diabetes, because of the risk of failure through infection or poor healing.
  3.  People suffering blood clotting disorders; certain bone diseases, deficiencies in the immune system, severe systemic illnesses and drug abuse.
  4.  Smokers are more likely to experience loosening of their implants.